I'm proud to announce my new sponsor: Labrada
Me with Charles Glass
I`ve been in LA for a Month and ofcourse I had to workout with Charles Glass

look at the video at youtube
Charles Glass - Mascha Tieken

And take a look at my other video`s at my youtube channel Mascha Tieken.....
New Sponsor Dorian Yates
A new year a new challange. In 2011 I will step onstage as a Female BodyBuilder and this feels like I`m going home. I have started my career as an athlete as a FBB and now I`m going back to my roots.
Mr Dorian Yates is going to help me with my workouts and support me with his awesome nutritions DY.
I`m proud and so thankfull he is going to help me to reach my goals.

And want to thank Dorian and Marcel Boon ( his Dutch distributor) for there trust in me and I will make you proud.
Bikini Sponsor
Wahooo I have a new a bikini sponsor :-) SuitsbyAmy.
Amy will sponsor me with there awesome bling bling suits. I`m so happy they have given me this oppertunity to start my Female BodyBuilding career in these awesome suits.
Thank you Amy!! :)
New Pictures in the Gallery section
Today I have added new pictures to my Gallery. These were taken by Bill Dobbins during ower trip from LA to Las Vegas.

In two days part 2 will be online. The Black and White series will be online two days after part 2

Enjoy :)
Going to Venice and Ohio
Just a few more days and it`s time to go to Venice beach again. I`m going to work with my trainer Charles Glass and make all the plans for the upcoming competitions.
A week after my meeting with Charles I will fly to Ohio to be at the Arnold Classic. I have to write an article about it for one of the Dutch I will be in the mediapit :)

On Sunday I will leave for home. The weekend after I arrive home I will be working at a booth for my sponsor Performance Nutrition in Paris. I`m looking forward to being there.

I will keep you guys posted

Mascha at the Fitshow
Now you can see me and Charles Glass in action at the fitshow.
If you would like to see this episode just click the following link, enjoy.....
Dutch Grand Prix
Altough the results at the Dutch Grand Prix were not as I hoped for, it was a awesome day.
I know I`m in my best shape ever right now and I`m so happy my friends and familly could see me on stage.
I want to thank each and everyone who helped me to achieve this physique...
Time is almost there
It`s almost time to present my self to the Dutch audiance. It's been a while since they saw me in contest shape.
My prep went very well, I have been working with Charles Glass, the difference in my fysiek is huge.
At the Olympia I have been working at the BOSS booth and I have done a lot of shoots, one with Bill Dobbins in the desert.

This month I'm in American Curves and the Ironmanmagazine
Going to LA
Finally the time is there to leave for LA again. Tomorrow ( sept 5th) I will arrive in LA. I will do the rest of my competition preparations there under guidens of Hany my nutritionist and also this time Charles Glass will help me with my workouts. So my ass will be kicked while I`m there.
After my time in LA I will go to the Olympia and work there for the company BOSS. Earlier I was in there magazine BodyTalk and now I will be working for them.
october 3rd I will be back in Holland and I will be competing, hopefully in my best shape ever, october 8th in AMsterdam
Wish me luck
Pictures Malibu Beach
Soon the pictures that where taken at Malibu Beach will be added to the Gallery. so stay tuned :-))
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