Wedstrijd Overzicht

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2006IFBBCalifornia Pro Figure(Prof)18Figure
2006IFBBColorado Pro(Prof)18Figure
2005IFBBSacramento Pro Show(Prof)11Figure
2005IFBBCalifornia Pro Figure(Prof)17Figure
2005IFBBSan Francisco Pro(Prof)16Figure
2004IFBBGNC Show of Strength(Prof)17Figure
2004IFBBHungarian Invitational Pro Figure(Prof)4Figure
2004IFBBCalifornia Pro Figure(Prof)23Figure
2003IFBBJan Tana Classic(Prof)19Figure
2003IFBBNew York Pro(Prof)19Figure
2002WFFWK Duitsland(I)1Super Body boven 30jr
2002WFFUniverse Duitsland(I)5Athletic boven 30 jr
2001WFFWK Duitsland(I)4Athletic boven 30 jr
2001WFFUniverse Oostenrijk(I)2Super Body boven 30 jr
2000WFFWK Duitsland(I)1Super Body
2000WFFUniverse Oostenrijk(I)3Super Body
2000SETNK(A)2Miss Figure
2000IFBBNK(A)3body building +57 kg
1999NABBANK(A)4Miss Figure
1999IFBBNK(A)5body building +57 kg
1998IFBBNK(A)3Miss Fitness
1996IFBBNK(A) 4body building +57 kg
1995IFBBNK(A)5body building +57 kg
1994IFBBGrand prix(A)1body building +57 kg
1994IFBBNK(A)5body building +57 kg
1993IFBBNK(A)4body building +57 kg
1992IFBBEmpire Cup Rotterdam(B)4body building +57 kg
1991IFBBC-Grand prix Amsterdam(C)2body building +57 kg
1991IFBBOpen Noord Hollandse Zaandam(C)1 + overalbody building-57 kg